Play now or risk no football until 2021, EPL to tell players

But, it is understood, one of the principles behind ‘Project Restart’ is to enact changes now that will be significant in dealing with the possibility of a so-called “second peak” in the pandemiclater in the year that could devastate the sport if plans are not already tested. At the same time the core message from the Premier League, in a morning meeting to the captains and senior players followed by one in the afternoon to the 20 managers, is that they need to realise there will be a “new normal” that has to be accepted if football is to resume and this will include changing the way they train and play. The Premier League will also, undoubtedly, be asked about what happens if games resume and a player tests positive but that will not be dealt with by the strict health and social distancing protocols that will be explained on Wednesday. Instead there is a three-step approach to trying to get the Premier League to resume by the middle of June and each step has to be passed one at a time and will be signed off by Public Health England. The players will be told that they will not be forced to return and will need to provide written consent to show they understand the protocols with clubs carrying out rigorous occupational health risk assessments by Friday.