Premier League call for a ‘spirit of compromise’ ahead of crunch meeting

The Premier League will insist on a “spirit of compromise” ahead of what is expected to be a fractious Monday videoconference, and what many sources believe could be the most consequential football meeting in a long time. While it is not certain that a vote will be held on how the competition will return, the key details – like testing and stadiums – will again be discussed in the hope of coming closer to consensus ahead of Uefa’s 25 May cut-off point for solutions. The build-up to the videoconference has already been complicated by Brighton chief executive Paul Barber’s revelation that three of the club’s players had tested positive for coronavirus, with concern over that running alongside growing tension since the last meeting on 1 May. On the other side,the bottom six feel it is unfair to cast them in that light, as they do want football back in some form – but through the fairest solution. While Sky and BT would not push for returns due to their symbiotic relationship with the Premier League, that would not be the case for rights holders abroad. Figures within the Premier League will insist, however, that not resuming football as soon as is safe in neutral grounds could have consequences beyond that immediate money or this season. The same rationale has also been impressed upon the players, who see their own lucrative pay structure at risk, despite understandable concerns about the safety of playing in this environment. The Premier League, however, plan full breakdowns of what‘Project Restart’ will entail – and how assurances can be made on safety – once they agree on how to get back playing.