Rail boss admits travelling hundreds of miles to Scots holiday home during lockdown

Soames insisted the visit was “essential for this small and remote community”, and did not breach Scottish ­Government guidelines “as it involves travel to and from a place of work, and could not have been conducted from home”. Soames, a grandson of Winston Churchill, made £4.5million last year, including a £255,000 pension ­contribution, for his role as Serco chief executive.  Transport Scotland, the Scottish ­Government agency which Serco is answerable to, said: “We were not aware this visit was happening.” Labour’s Colin Smyth said: “There is a big difference between the role a train driver plays ensuring fellow key workers get to work and a chief ­executive touring the country. “The message in ­Scotland remains ‘stay at home except for essential purposes,’ and few will see Soames’s tour as essential.” Soames made visits in recent weeks to Serco’s operations, including an ­immigration centre in Bedfordshire and prisons in London, Staffordshire and Doncaster.