Spain to welcome tourists from July 1 with no quarantine

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez had already announced over the weekend that Spain was ready to welcome some foreign visitors in July but did not say if they would have to continue to stay in quarantine for two weeks. He is also looking to establish reciprocal safe corridors between parts of Spain that have the outbreak under control and similar areas in Europe that are an important source of tourists. ____________________________________________________ More on coronavirus: ____________________________________________________ Tourism accounts for 12% of Spain's GDP, employing 2.6m people, with the Canary and Balearic archipelagos relying almost solely on tourists. The coronavirus pandemic hit Spain just as it was beginning its tourism season, with everything from hotels, bars and restaurants to beaches and leisure parks closed down. Restrictions on movement have gradually been eased, with bars in some parts of the country allowed to open their terraces last week, and museums and churches reopening. On Monday, Spain's health ministry corrected its official COVID-19 death toll, saying almost 2,000 fewer people than previously thought had died from the disease.