White Lines: 11 questions we have after watching the final episode

The final instalment of the series from Spanish writer Alex Pina revealed that it was Anna Ward (Angela Griffin) who had killed the Ibiza DJ and club owner. Gallery: What to watch if you've exhausted Netflix (Red UK) However, Anna also claimed it was a crime of passion, not being able to cope with the idea of Marcus leaving her if he was to discover she’d cheated on him with Axel (Tom Rhys Harries). While the finale wrapped up that aspect of the story, there were plenty of other loose ends left unaddressed, which could easily pave the way for a second series. I don’t wanna give away too much but, yeah I’m just pitching for a second series.” Angela Griffin also hinted that writer Alex has “got a series two in mind”, after previously creating popular Spanish drama Money Heist. With that in mind, here are the questions we’d want answered... Or is her loveless marriage to George meant to be her punishment for killing Axel? For someone who’d spent so long seeking answers about her brother’s death, she did very little with the information when she finally learned the truth. He’s finally free from the Calafat family after tendering his resignation and was last seen driving off into the sunset. The long-running feud between the two families calmed down when Andreu admitted to Marcus he was too tired to seek revenge on them for the truck crash, which left him paralysed. During his family group therapy, Oriol confessed he believed he’d killed Axel and we later found out his memory lapse was due to the fact he’d enjoyed a heroin-fuelled romp with David on the night of the party.