Culture, Corbyn and chaos: Labour’s recipe for election disaster

Labour Together, a group including MPs Ed Miliband and Lucy Powell, party members, union leaders and media figures, has investigated a crushing defeat it said was was “a long time coming”. The group’s no-holds-barred report sets out the “political, organisational and digital” failures which helped catapult Labour to its worst result since 1935, and while attempting to chart a path back to power, it grimly said the party “has a mountain to climb” to win the next election. The report said under Mr Corbyn, Labour had been “unprepared” for an election, went in with “no clear message”, and ultimately with a complex manifesto, marked by a plethora of policy announcements seen as impossible to deliver. “There is a broad consensus across the Party – mirrored in the results from the survey of Labour members – that a combination of concerns about the leadership, Labour’s position on Brexit and Labour’s manifesto not being seen as deliverable damaged Labour’s chances in the election,” the report said. Among recommendations, the group called for a “coherent strategy to build a winning coalition” at the next election and “a renewed commitment to transformational economic change” in Britain, rooted in a credible understanding in the “struggles of people’s lives”. It also called for a “root and branch reform of our party organisation and structures, bringing it into the 2020s, so it connects better to the communities and voters that we seek to serve, including a wholesale transformation of our digital and online campaigning”.