Designer Xander Zhou On Fashion's Forced Slowdown And Uploading Shows Straight To Your Brain

While many others might have found ways to get together at some point and create something as a team, of course while respecting all social distancing rules, I have had torely solely on videoconferencing and other virtual ways to interact with my team and work on all my projects. I am not sure I would want to talk about opportunities under such circumstances, but if I try to look at things from a positive perspective, I would say the situation has forced us to pause and reflect. These past months have forced us – orallowed us, if you want – to set our own pace. A post shared by XANDER ZHOU (@xanderzhou) on Jun 10, 2020 at 5:43am PDT What non-fashion skills have you picked up during lockdown? I might consider starting a restaurant if the fashion industry does not survive this crisis. These past months there have been discussions about rewiring the fashion system. Much of the tolerance on display in the fashion industryis not genuine, in my opinion. What kind of role do you think a fashion show will play in five years? I do not think the way that fashion is presented, with models wearing clothes, will radically change. But the reason that fashion shows might have lost some of their lustre these past years is that they are stuck in a grey area between being an exclusive and a public event. Fashion shows used to be rather exclusive events, targeting very specific communities that had symbioticrelationships with the brands. With the emergence of new media, fashion shows have become events that are being watched globally, even in real-time, and that development has givenrise to aclass of professionalised fashion-watchers who will attend every show and interpret it for the masses. So I expect (or hope)thatinfiveyears' time, fashion shows will have either evolved into happenings that are truly for the masses, or will have gone back to their basics and be exciting by ignoringtheworldbeyondthecatwalk. A post shared by National Geographic (@natgeo) on Jun 10, 2020 at 8:37am PDT In a money-and-physics-no-object world, talk us through your dream fashion show. I like to browse through the pictures on National Geographic's Instagram account, and I often see beautiful places where I would love to do a show. Deciding who should be on the front row (and who should not be there) is one of the things I dislike most about doing a fashion show. Having said that, I would love to invite people to my show who do wonderful tech stuff, like Elon Musk, and young people who do surprising stuff on Instagram. Sign up to our newsletter to get more delivered straight to your inbox Need some positivity right now? Subscribe to Esquire now for a hit of style, fitness, culture and advice from the experts