Edward Colston statue contained hidden magazine from 125 years ago, experts discover

Protesters pulled down the statue during a Black Lives Matter march in Bristol on Sunday before throwing it into the harbour. Bristol City Council has confirmed the statue, complete with graffiti and some of the rope used to bring it down, will go on display in the M-Shed museum along with placards from the protest. In a Twitter thread, the team at M-Shed said: “Despite only being in the water for a few days, mud had filled the inside and obscured the evidence of its journey into the harbour. “The painted graffiti was particularly at risk from the cleaning so this was done very carefully to ensure it wasn’t washed off.” They added: “The symbolism of his graffitti’d body has been preserved and the significance it has for us will be an important story to tell. The Society of Merchant Venturers (SMV) – which plays an active role in managing three institutions that bear Colston’s name – issued a lengthy statement on Thursday. “The view of the school communities will be central to how the discussion moves forward.” On Thursday, lettering spelling out Colston Tower was removed from the building.