Naomi Campbell cried over ‘grey face’ on Italian Vogue cover after makeup artist said ‘we didn’t know you were black’

However, after arriving at the photoshoot, which was for the June 1988 issue of the magazine, Campbell says she was told by the makeup artist: “Oh, we didn’t know you were black”. But I didn’t want to be grey.” The model went on to criticise the ways in which black women have been treated in the fashion industry. “A lot of people at the beginning of my career tried to put me in a maid’s outfit,” she said, adding that her hair was frequently styled in dreadlocks. “It’s not equality and that’s what has to happen in our business.” Campbell went on to say that whenever she spoke up about discrimination on modelling jobs, she would be criticised for it. “If you don’t care about the business, then don’t be in it,” Campbell continued, adding that ”true fashion models” should be paid the same as those who have landed jobs thanks to their Instagram accounts.