Neil Doncaster's UEFA appointment is astonishing but he may not last to take it up - Gary Ralston

They were down to a gang of five as they liaised with the SFA, medical officers, the government, UEFA, other league bodies, commercial partners and clubs. He has overseen a vote that owed more to Harare than Hampden, been accused of breaching his duties, maladministration and a failure to disclose potential liabilities of up to £10million. Doncaster, looking increasingly like a lame duck, may not even be around to take up his UEFA post if the courts find in favour of Hearts and Thistle. The Competitions and Markets Authority may yet be involved after the SPFL effectively made a move that risks putting both clubs out of business. Ann Budge and Jacqui Low have behaved with class and dignity at all stages, literally pleading with fellow members not to do them down.