Previously on the Premier League... the stories that must be concluded in the 2019/20 season

There then happened something you couldn’t script, and that people were previously joking about as regards Liverpool’s title, despite the seriousness of the situation. It’s actually easy to forget some of the controversies at the start of the coronavirus crisis - such as the player pay dispute - let alone those in the Premier League. So here, in classic TV style, are reminders of the main stories going back into the big show… The club have been counting down the days, which is someway appropriate, because this grand emotional release of a title victory is set to be greatly defined by the numbers: when it happens, and by how much. The deposed champions could still have their greatest ever season on the pitch, during perhaps the worst controversy off it. That such form comes at a time when their ban from the Champions League could be upheld - and could bring huge questions of such glory as well as huge reputation damage - adds to the strangeness of it all. To add to that, a player who has provided as much joy as David Silva may have his farewell in front of empty stands. The City case only adds another layer of complexity to one of the most open top-four races in years. It is possible we could have a sudden twist, and fifth means qualification, potentially opening the way for the entire top half to qualify. Great as this season has been for Liverpool, it’s been almost as promising for Leicester City, Wolves and Sheffield United. Is it now to play your way out, like Brighton and Bournemouth, or dig in like Nigel Pearson’s Watford.