The Kieran Tierney Arsenal poser that's been flipped on its head - Monday Jury

While Hearts are Thistle have a lot of sympathy, they should have gone to the SFA in the first instance to try to solve the dispute rather that launching straight into court action. GARY RALSTON: They’ve been posted missing throughout, no doubt claiming they couldn’t intervene as they could be an appeals body in any dispute and don’t want to potentially prejudice any outcome. You’d hope the SFA getting involved would be as peacemakers rather than to fan the flames but it just shows how serious this threat to halt the new season really is. MICHAEL: It’s a bit of a left field choice but Strachan has gained a reputation as a student of the game down south and knows the scene well from his dad. GARY: Tell you what, why not just play recordings of the WhatsApp messages, board meetings and frantic calls between clubs these last three months and the decibel levels would reach Spinal Tap proportions. MICK: We’d need to be careful it’s not from some of the tapes from past games, otherwise the Points of View mailbag will be bursting at the seams. The fake fan noise is a bit weird but it is strangely better than the sound of silence. MICK: Tierney has had rotten luck since his move down south, battling back from injury to look brilliant before he got crocked again.